Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The best place to be born is the same where we were created / El mejor lugar para nacer es el mismo donde fuimos creados

This is a TV commercial that promotes a mattress. but the beautiful creative concept is based on a Home birth, the mother explains that they used to have their children at home, where she feels more secure.
they prefer imprint the memory to their children that they were born in a cozy home instead of a cold impersonal building.

The midwife says that she just watch and only intervenes if it is necesary. and the father is not only a viewer, but he participates actively.

having your children at home makes you relate intimately with the enviroment.
the mother tells how wonderful was helping the baby girl to come out and put her immediately in her skin.
Father says that when you are witnessing a birth the emotion comes up up up and when the baby is here is not that the emotion comes down but it still going beyond and fill all the place around and lights all the people around.

Life crossing the threshold through your body... that´s powerful!!!

In births where both parents are connected, the body responds much better

when a new life arrives, a very special light and smell permeates all the place

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