Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mi cuerpo valiente parió a su pariente / My brave body gave birth to its relative

Esta es una de mis canciones favoritas y desde que nació mi hija por un soñado PVDC me toca el corazón profundamente, y hoy se la dedico a mi hermoso ángel...

This is one of my favorite songs, and since my dear daughter was born by a longed WHBAC it touches my heart so deeply, today I sing this song for her my beautiful angel...

here are the lyrics for my English speakers followers:

Since you were born I'm a better lover
like if you've unblocked my ducts
I have grown breasts, belly and hips
my expanded body have found his motive.

*You traveled through my body, made a divine path
opened a tunnel, and uncovered my destiny

You have given me the breath of creation
you are energy, sunlight
you have spelled the word AMOR for me
A, M, O, R, C, I, T, O

Since you were born I feel Superb
as if you'd lit me up
my body uninhibited of exempt vanity
my brave body gave birth to its relative 

*Your traveled through my body ...

1 comment:

Ileana said...

Cómo me alegra descubrir estas canciones, que haya mujeres cantando al parto, al nacimiento, a la vida!!!
Gracias!!! Un abrazo!!!